Katikiro urges NRM leaders to fix Buganda issues

By Phiona Namukasa

The Katikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga has blamed those who criticizing the Central region for not voting NRM candidates in the elections that were carried saying it was not due to tribal sentimates.

While speaking to the press today after casting his vote in Wakiso district, Katikiro said, this wasn’t promoting tribalism as people say but voters only voted for the candidates that they had confidence and who had promised to deliver the best service.

In the previous years, the Central region mainly Buganda has been voting leaders from different tribes and different parties which means that the change this time could have been because they have seen ability in those of the new prominent opposition party.

He further stated that may be NRM leaders should just address the challenges that the people in the Central region are facing so that they can be voted next time instead of picking on the Baganda.

Katikiro also encouraged voters to be careful as they vote for Local leaders because they are the ones at the front line ,they should ensure that whoever they vote for will be in position to do whatever it takes so that development activities are implemented.