Supreme Court allows Mayambala to file application for inheritance

By Sania Babirye

The Supreme Court has given a go ahead to former Presidential candidate Eng.Willy Mayambala to file a formal application seeking to inherit National Unity Platform party president Robert Kyagulanyi's presidential election petition.

In his reply to Mayambala's objection letter, dated 25th February 2022 and signed on by the Supreme court registrar Harriet Nakukwago Ssali, Mayambala and copied to the chief justice, Mayambala has been advised to seek the service of a lawyer with a view of filling a formal application seeking for the inheritance of the said petition.

Mayambala Yesterday, petitioned the Supreme court objecting to National Unity party President Robert Kyagulanyi's withdraw of his election petition and asked the supreme court to allow him to take it over.

In a letter dated 25th February 2021 and addressed to the Chief Justice, Mayambala contends that he is objecting to the said withdraw and has expressed interest in taking over the said petition from Kyagulanyi.

He is now seeking the court guidance on the legal procedure to inherit such a Petition and if the court can allow him to present new evidence in support of the said petition.

This is after Kyagulanyi's team on Wednesday this week, officially filed their application seeking for leave to withdraw the said petition and is pending hearing and determination.