Government dragged to court for cutting health sector budget

By Sania Babirye

The government has been dragged to court over budget cut to the health sector for financial year 2021-2022, which the petitioners say will immensely affect the health of Mothers and their new born babies.

In a civil suit filed against government through the attorney General, the human rights body CEHURD says that the decision by government to cut the health budget from 2.7 billion shillings in last year's financial to 2.5 billion shillings for this financial year is in contempt of court.

According to the Human rights body, the constitutional court in August 2020 ruled that government must always put first issues in relation to Maternal Health in its budgetary allocations yet, government has this financial year, proposed to reduce it.

These now wants Court to hold the attorney General in contempt of court and also order government to put into practice the Constitutional Court ruling in respect to the prioritization of Maternal and Health issues.

They add that if this is not seen through, more women and children are likely to die during and after labor among other issues.