IGG vows not to extend wealth declaration period

By Alice Lubwama

The Inspectorate of Government will not extend the time within which public officers are supposed to declare their assets and liabilities.

The spokesperson of the inspectorate, Ali Munira says that by law the deadline for declaration is 31st of March but it was extended to 23rd of this month and anyone who would not have made their declaration by this day midnight their names will be forwarded to the leadership code tribunal for further action.

This year 2021 being a Declaration Year, 30,000 Leaders are expected to declare their Incomes, Assets and Liabilities to the Inspectorate of Government but according to Munira although the deadline was extended some haven’t made their declaration.

Munira now encourages those who have not declared their wealth to do it via the Inspectorate of Government online declaration system.

According to the Leadership Code Act, 2002 elected and appointed leaders include the President, Ministers, Members of parliament, judges, the Inspector General of Government–IGG, National and district leaders among others are required to declare their wealth to the office of the inspectorate of Government.

Based on the leadership code act, the tribunal will handle matters of breach of the code that are referred to it by the inspectorate of Government and recommend appropriate action.