He was abducted by president Idi Amin's soldiers from his Chambers and has never been seen since.

Judiciary to mark Benedicto Kiwanuka Memorial day on Monday.

In Summary
  • He set free a British National that had been arrested on orders of President Amin.
  • Justice Kiwanuka was kidnapped by Iddi Amin soldiers in 1972 
  • His remains have never been recovered.
Image: Courtesy Photo

The Judiciary says all is set for the commemoration of the Benedicto Kiwanuka Memorial day due to take place on Monday the 27th of September  next week.

The  day is officially marked every  21st of September when the first chief Justice of Uganda disappeared and  was not seen again 

Ben Kiwanuka who was  the chief justice then was  dragged   from his Chambers at the High Court in Kampala on  21st September 1972  and assassinated by soldiers of the then President of Uganda  Idi Amin .

Addressing the media on Friday  at the High  court Headquarters  in Kampala, Chief Registrar Sarah Langa Siu said that the day is held to commemorate the chief justice's respect for  the rule of law and observance of the Human Rights which he paid for with his life.

Justice Langa added that the day will be commemorated with the launch of a Book entitled 'Administration and Justice through out the years" written by former Chief Justice Samuel Wako Wambuzi,  who succeed the late Kiwanuka.

The Ben Kiwanuka life Achievement Awards  will also be given out to recognize members of the judiciary for their role in fostering the rule of law.

A monument for Kiwanuka will also be unveiled  at the High Court Headquarters in Kampala during the memorial. 

 The vice president Robinah Nabbanja will be the chief Guest.

The  celebration will be held scientifically, with a few guests invited to attend personally in adherence to the Standard Operating Procedures to combat the spread of  COVID -19.

This year marks 49 years since the death of Kiwanuka.