Muslims with Special Needs advised to be productive

In Summary
  • Muslims with special needs urged to take up religious education
  • Should embrace government projects like emyooga
Members of the Uganda Muslim Deaf Community at UMSC
Members of the Uganda Muslim Deaf Community at UMSC
Image: Sania Babirye

Muslims with special needs have been urged to strive within their abilities to perform their religious education and fend for themselves instead of being beggars. 

The call was made by the Supreme Mufti of Uganda His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, while  closing  a one-day Seminar of persons with impairments held at the National Mosque at Old Kampala. 

The seminar was organized by the Union of Muslim Deaf- UMDU with the aim of learning Islamic tenets and development. 

While delivering the message on behalf of the Supreme Mufti,  Raadhiyya Namakula Lukwiya, the UMSC Secretary for Women, Youth & Children, Sheikh Mubaje called upon  the participants to work hard and  learn life skills that will enable them to earn a decent life instead of  going around begging.

“You should use your association to access support from poverty alleviation programs introduced by the government such Emyooga and Parish model that are operating at local Gov't Headquarters,”she stated.

According to the Supreme Mufti, most Muslim youths neglect such programs or take time to know their local Gov't leaders which limits their involvement in such developments.

Sheikh Imran Ssali, the UNSC Secretary for Dawa pledged to address the requests presented by the Deaf to the UMSC Management for action.

They want to  establish a desk at UMSC Headquarters to handle persons  with Special Needs, and the appointment of a sign Language Communicator to interpret sermons to their members during congregational prayers on Friday (juma), Eid festivals, among others.