Pakwach residents are preparing their children for school reopening

In Summary
  • Civil Society Organizations with local government authorities provide mobile sensitization for especially young mothers who got pregnant amidst the lockdown
  • They provide scholastic materials to children
Blaimo Kennedy Community Monitor (AYE)
Image: Namutebi Phiona

Members of  Civil Society Organizations working together with local government authorities in Pakwach District have started preparing children to return to school as they reopen early January 2022.

Speaking at the District Integrity Promotion  Forum in Pakwach District, Blaimo Kennedy the Community Monitor working with Action for Youth Empowerment (AYE) in  Panyimur Subcounty Pakwaki District revealed that COVID-19 has financially affected parents with some not willing to take children back to school.

These Organizations will be supporting children to engage in simple economic activities where they will be earning money to supplement their parents' earnings that will help in paying off tuition.

The organizations are also giving out scholastic materials such as books, pens among others on top of introducing a  reusable sanitary towel manufacturing plant for the needy.

Blaimo further said that they have the Financing for a Development plan in which they will be assisting the vulnerable parents with some financial assistance.

Binega Proseca Board Chair (PWG)
Image: Namutebi Phiona

Binega Proseca the Board Chair Pacego Women's Group  (PWG) revealed that they also conduct training for especially young mothers who were impregnated during the lockdown so that by the time they go back to school they are courageous enough.

Providing mobile sensitization  to children on how  dangerous it is to drop out of school together with encouraging their parents to strictly monitor them  so that they don't make lousy movements is part of the ways they use to prepare children as schools reopen  "Binega said"