Magistrates, Registrars Urged To Protect Judiciary Image.

In Summary

Principle Judge Dr.Flavian Zeija made the call during the ongoing two day Magistrates and Registrars Conference. 

The Annual Conference will be concluded tomorrow. 

Principal Judge Flavian Zeija
Principal Judge Flavian Zeija
Image: Sania Babirye

The principal Judge Flavian Zeija has urged the magistrates and Registrars to always have good customer care while doing judicial work and warned them from missing work which he said affected the delivery of justice.

Speaking during a two day conference for  the magistrates and registrars, he warned them to desist from Corruption which he said  affects the award of a cash or non cash bail to suspects by judges.

"Your decorum as a judicial officer determines public perception not only about you as an individual but also about the entire Judiciary. The principle that you should conduct yourself in manner beyond reproach always applies to all matters great and small".

He warned them from doing shoddy work stating that with the enactment of the Administration of the Judiciary Act 2020, their terms of service and the Judiciary structures were reasonably enhanced and that in return, they should provide enhanced service delivery to the public in the administration of service.

"As our terms of service improve, there comes increased public scrutiny.Therefore, in the new Judiciary, we cannot not afford to continue doing business like in the old days. We must therefore, all transform and conform to the aspirations of the people – from whom we derive judicial authority".

He also advised the new Magistrates to embrace the challenges that lie ahead of their work including staffing gaps,physical infrastructure, gaps in ICT and transport gaps among others since they will be addressed.

" I now finally remind you that when all is said and done,integrity remains the bedrock of the administration of justice.Say no to corruption. Let the principles enshrined in the Uganda Judicial Code of Conduct be your reference in the discharge of your judicial functions and you will not go wrong. Consult your colleagues and seek guidance of your supervisors where you are not sure and the errors will be minima".