AFFCAD graduates over 200 trainees

In Summary
  • This is not the last of graduation ceremonies that we shall witness from AFFCAD this year.

Under its YEES+ program, (Youth Entrepreneurship and Employability Skilling Plus), Kawempe based business and vocational institution Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) held celebrations for over 200 of its trainees that managed to graduate through its school.

The YEES+ program was created to empower slum dwellers with the necessary skills to help them find a living for themselves.

Established in 2009, AFFCAD has always aimed at improving the livelihood of young people. It has partnered with a couple of organizations to help it achieve its goals, some of which are; The Agha Khan Foundation and The European Union.

“We came up with this program to help young people who had been hit by Covid, to empower them so that they can put money in their own pocket,” Daphine Namukuzza (Program Manager, YEES+), “we are very excited seeing the young people do the different work. I congratulate you AFFCAD upon the good work you are doing.”

The CEO of AFFCAD, Prudence Atukwase had a lot to be grateful for after this great achievement. She congratulated the trainees upon this achievement and emphasized that this is just the beginning for what is yet to come.

Among the attendees of this event was Dr. Joyce Tamale, a social entrepreneur, an accountant by profession who also holds a PhD in business. She had a few tips and words of encouragement for the new graduates to help prepare them for the tough business world that awaits them.

“Try what you have learnt amidst all the negativity. Do not lose hope. Continue with what you have learnt from the YEES+ program” – Dr. Joyce.

A handful of trainees were able to receive their certificates due to the Covid rules and regulations but about 300 of them graduated. Selected few hardworking trainees were able to get startup capital and tool kits for their businesses, which were awarded by the Chief Guest, Mr Nicholas Gonze, Head of Section, Governance and Human Rights, European Union.

This is not the last of graduation ceremonies that we shall witness from AFFCAD this year. According to the CEO, they were assigned 500 students. 300 of them have graduated. The other 200 will get finished in the due course of the year.