Residents force hippo to vomit two year old boy

In Summary
  • Incident happened in Katwe-Kabatoro town council
  • The hippo had strayed from Lake Katwe in Kasese
  • The boy was playing alone when the hippo attacked 
Image: Courtesy photo

It's a miracle similar to the Biblical story of Jonah who was swallowed by a fish and later vomited, a two year old boy in Katwe Kabatoro town council in Kasese district was also swallowed and later vomited by a hippopotamus.

According to Police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the boy  Paul Yiga was swallowed by a hippo having been left unattended to by his parents.

Enanga said a hippo strayed from Lake Katwe and found the boy playing before it swallowed him.

He added that locals noticed the boy had been swallowed half way and made alarms as they pelted the water beast with  stones , that was on its way back to the lake .

The hippo would later vomit the boy  and dived back into the lake.

The boy was then  rushed to Bwera hospital for treatment.

He  later gained consciousness and was discharged from hospital.

The police spokesperson however warned parents staying around animal sanctuaries like lakes, wild life centers to watch out  for  stray animals like crocodiles and hippos that might attack them.

The incident happened on Sunday.