UACE Results;UNEB Registers Zero Scores in some papers

In Summary
  • Uganda National examinations board has registered some Zero scores in many papers
  • Minister also condemned the bullying in schools
UNEB executive secretary Dan N odongo, UNEB chairperson Mary Okwakol, Minister Muyingo and Permanet secretary at the minstry of education during release of UACE resulst 2022

Uganda National examinations board has registered some Zero scores in many papers in the just released Uganda advanced certificate of education examination results 2020.

While presenting the results to State Minister in charge of high education JC Muyingo, the UNEB executive secretary Dan N Odong has noted that some zero scores were recorded in many papers.

According to him, one of those candidates decided to just copy out questions several times in one of the papers.

He further noted while another wrote “Dear Mr Examiner. You are still wasting time on me when there are more serious candidates?” After writing “Now listen to my story” he wrote a short poem starting with “I am the stone the builder refused….” He then listed names of some famous musicians such celinedeon, Mariah Carrey and their songs.

He said that, Apart from scoring zero, this performance could indicate an underlying problem

Odongo however noted UNEB will need to investigate this candidate to assess her or he had mental problem.

According to him, The UNEB also recorded cases of examinations malpractice. The reported ones have been mainly external assistance in Mathematics, Biology and Computer studies. In accordance with Section 4 (3) of the UNEB Act, 2021, the Board, has withheld results of 113 candidates, and will accord the affected candidates a fair hearing before passing a final verdict.

In his remarks while state minister in charge of higher education ,  John Chrestome Muyingo who represented the first lady and minster for Education Janet Kataha has expressed  the concern of low uptake of science subjects especially among female candidates.

Minister Muyingo blamed the zero scores partly to teacher’s absenteeism and also called for investigation of the said candidate who decided to write poetry instead of answering questions.

Muyingo further raised the concern of the rate of absenteeism and called up on both head teachers and parents to do all possible in addressing this problem.

A few districts, for example, Abim and Buvuma that already have low numbers of candidates still also have high rates of absenteeism. The rate for Abim is 26.6% while Buvuma is 40.0%.

Minister also condemned the bullying in schools citing the case which recently happened at Kyamate secondary school leading to a senior one students to lose his life.

According to minister Muyingo, schools must refocus and put emphasis in schools programs like counseling and guidance to avert such cases to happen again.