Pupil Punches colleague to death after a quarrel

In Summary
  • He hit her with a heavy  blow killing her instantly
  • The girl had abused the boy telling him he was dense and always ranked last in class

Police in Adjumani have arrested a 13 year old pupil for hitting his colleague with a blow that killed her instantly for abusing and telling  him that he's dense in class.

Police spokesman North West Nile region ASP Dragudu Ignatius said Rashid Kawawa a primary four pupil at Biyaya primary school also resident of Biyaya village in Adjumani town council had an argument with 13-year-old girl Alimo Mazarawo which  resulted into death.

SP Dragudu explained that the two were playing football , but the boy knocked the girl accidentally.

This angered the girl who went on tirade abusing him and telling him  that he is dense and is  always  ranked the last in class.

This prompted Kawawa  to hit Alimo with a blow that killed her  instantly.

The  juvenile suspect currently detained at  the juvenile cells as he awaits being taken to a juvenile court to be prosecuted for  alleged murder.

The police spokesperson condemned the act that he said ended the life of a promising child and  urged parents to cancel their children to avoid such scenarios in the future.