UGX 6 billion needed to complete ULS Headquarters

In Summary
  • Uganda law society headquarters under construction.
  • 5 billions Uganda shillings have been so far spent.
Uganda law society headquarters under construction in Kololo
Image: Wasswa Deo

The Uganda law society is hunting for over 6billion Uganda shillings to complete it's New home dubbed the Uganda law society House which is under construction around acacia avenue in Kololo.

Mr. Benard Oundo, the president of Uganda Law Society  said for the past two years, through members contribution has spent about Ugx 5 billion on the construction works.

He noted that they spend huge sums in renting and by having their own home it will help them save money. 

He said that once completed, the Four(4) floor building with two basement will be the headquarters of all their services.

The Uganda Law Society members have on Thursday 14th Sept, held a media tour to the site after the completion of Super structure phase.

Uganda law society-ULS President, Bernard Oundo and ULS members during your of the site on Thursday 14th Sept 2023
Image: Wasswa Deo

"The new home is going to be the headquarters of our services and it will enable us to do our mandate". Said Oundo.

"We're mandated to do a number of things, one of them is the Legal aid where we help give services to the vulnerable at no cost. So this is going to be the seat of our Legal Aid project. But also more importantly, as Uganda Law Society, we advocate for rule of law so having a headquarter helps us to be able to achieve our mandate." ULS president added.

Members of Uganda law society during site tour
Image: Wasswa

President Oundo revealed that the construction of this new home is being done by the members of the uganda law society through contributions.

He hailed the members of ULS for their contribution towards the project and implored them to contribute more so that they can be able to do the finishing.

The ULS House construction started on 22nd October 2021. The ULS house is a Four(4) floor building with two basement packings and a rooftop terrace.