Lighting Entebbe Express ways commences

In Summary
  • Lights will improve visibility
  • Night road users will also incraese
  • Will also improve security and safety
Lights along entebbe express way
Image: Egis

Lights along Entebbe Express way have started working.

Uganda National Roads Authority and Egis, a French company which is taking care of this road say this will improve the Visibility and enhancing the overall safety during night time travel for all road users.

Egis, hired by the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), is implementing the project that will see the entire 49-kilometer, four-lane toll expressway lit.

Joy Nabasa, the senior public relations officer at Egis says that these lights will also held on reducing the accidents on the road that usually happen at night.

According to her, it will also increase on the number of people using the road at night because many people fear using the road when it is dark.

She says by the end of this year, will have all it lit and promises that it will be very safe for use.

Egis was contracted in 2021 to manage traffic, provide expressway lighting and security, enforce road safety, toll collection, and road maintenance, and respond to emergencies on the expressway linking Kampala to Entebbe International Airport

In other developments, Nabasa notes that more than 67 billion Uganda shillings have been so far collected on Entebbe express Toll for the last two years and nine months.

The money is being collected on behalf of Uganda National roads authority towards maintaining and to repay a $350 million (1.2 Trillion Uganda shillings) loan that was used to construct the expressway from EXIM Bank of China.

She says that the management has also registered a very big reduction in accidents along the expressway and in the last 4 months.

According to her, in this same space they have only registered one fatal accident and they continue to sensitize road users and the general public on the different safety tips to follow so as to avoid these accidents.