Kyambogo University, Fairventures plant 600 tress

In Summary
  • 600 tree seedlings planted to commemorate world forest day
  • Enviroment activits call fore more efforts to adress cliamte change
Students at Kyambogo Unviersty planting trees to commemorate world forest day
Image: Fairventures

Kyambogo University in partnership with Fairventures Worldwide (FVW), a non-profit organization, have planted 600 trees to commemorate the International Day of Forests.

The Initiative between Kyambogo University Environment Management, Students Association (KUEMSA) and Fairventures Worldwide (FVW planted trees on two acres of land provided by the university   

The International Day of Forests was commemorated under the theme “Rethinking collective action and innovative solutions to water, environment, and climate change crisis in Uganda''.

The 600 indigenous tree seedlings planted includes; species like Albizia coriaria (Mugavu), Markhamia lutea (Musambya), Prunus africana (Entasesa), Khaya anthotheca (Mahogany), Milicia excelsa (Mvule), bamboo, Bethedevia, Terminalia superba, and fruit trees (Avocados,guavas, Mangoes).

Over 600 tree seedlings were planted
Image: Fairventures

The event also attracted members of the local community, and stakeholders dedicated to environmental conservation.

To ensure species diversity and optimize the effects of reforestation efforts, tree seedlings were systematically planted at a 4-by-4-meter spacing.

‘’Since we are a reforestation organization, we thought it prudent to partner with Kyambogo University to plant a forest at the university to add to the cause of adding tree cover in the country.” Ms Naamara Patience, country director fairventures noted.

She added that NGO taped into students to plant these trees as a way of training them to look after the environment but also be change agents in their society.

Ms Naamara Patience, country director fair ventures
Image: Fairventures

On his part, Prof. Charles Kakwikire Twesigye, from the department of biological sciences at Kyambogo University underscored the role of planting a forest at the university. Adding that it will help more on research while studying about the environment.

Dr.Grace Kizito Bakyayita, the head of department of environmental science at Kyambogo University said with the current trend of changes in the environment, planting trees is the way out.

’We should know climate change doesn’t come in a short time but takes a long time. The effects of climate change that we see today like the high temperatures are as a result of activities that happened over 20 years ago’’. He said