A new digital self-service portal to policy information unveiled

In Summary
  • Customers can now access their policy information wherever they are
  • The portal offers various benefits
  • The new web portal is designed to bridge the digital gap and provide spontaneity
Richard Gatete Magarura, Head of Customer Experience at Old Mutual Life Assurance while addressing journalists in Kampala

KAMPALA — The insurance industry in Uganda is embracing digitization to increase uptake of insurance services. In this journey, Old Mutual Life Assurance, a life assurance provider, has launched a digital self-service portal called my Old Mutual. The portal enables customers to access their policy information, premium statements, and payment history online.

According to Richard Gatete Magarura, Head of Customer Experience at Old Mutual Life Assurance, the portal is designed to provide customers with visibility into their policy standing, benefits, and premium statements. "Today's customer wants to self-service, wants to access their product information wherever they are," he said.

The portal offers various benefits, including secure and convenient payment options, enhanced security features, and the ability to update beneficiary information. Old Mutual Life Assurance prioritizes customer confidentiality and has implemented multiple layers of authentication and security to protect customer information.

The company encourages digital adoption and provides options for customers without smartphones to access the web-based portal on computers or tablets. The removal of paperwork is another significant advantage of the digital solution, ensuring a seamless, and end-to-end digital journey.

Magarura emphasized the importance of customer experience, stating that the company prioritizes customer needs and preferences. "Our goal is to provide value to them through leveraging technology," he said.

The new web portal is designed to bridge the digital gap and provide spontaneity, allowing customers to access information in real-time. "Today's customers want instant gratification, and our portal enables them to self-serve whenever they want," Magarura explained.

The benefits of this technology include convenience, flexibility, transparency, and accountability. Customers can access their information and perform tasks at their own pace, without relying on intermediaries.

Old Mutual Life Assurance aims to enhance this channel further, allowing customers to raise claims and access policy maturity benefits seamlessly. The company's customers' happiness is their top priority, and they strive to provide a user-friendly experience, empowering them to manage their affairs and personal information effortlessly.

''The feedback since launching the portal on January 24th has been amazing, and the company is committed to continuous improvement. We encourage all their customers to explore the portal and discover its benefits for themselves''. He said

Magarura acknowledged the challenges that hinder the uptake of insurance services, including sensitization, information gaps, economic situations, and lack of two-way communication. However, he believes that digitalization can bridge these gaps, providing customers with information and options to manage their policies effectively.

With the support of the insurance association and regulatory authority, Old Mutual Life Assurance aims to raise awareness about the benefits of insurance and increase penetration in the country.

''Our goal is to increase insurance uptake and provide financial protection to more people''. he concluded