FDC asks President Museveni not to hide corruption evidence

In Summary
  • FDC asks President Museveni avail evidence to IGG
  • President shouldn't keep evidence in his desk
  • Ugandans are tired o talks
Mr. John Kikonyogo, the FDC spokes person

Forum for Democratic Change says it's high time that President Museveni avails corruption evidence to relevant authorities like the office of  IGG or CID offices to apprehend those officials who are engaging in corruption vice.

While addressing journalists on 8th, July 2024 at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, John Kikonyogo, the  FDC spokesperson noted that on several occasions President Museveni has been quoted saying that there is a lot of corruption in Parliament and the Ministry of Finance. ''Let Mr. Museveni help institutions that are fighting against corruption with evidence because the people of Uganda are tired of talks and are more interested in actions''. he added.

He said that the President shouldn't keep that evidence at his desk because he would be doing a disservice to Ugandans regarding the fight against corruption.

''General Museveni has evidence, that evidence should not be at his desk, it must be given either to CID or to IGG. any of them can take these corrupt officials to court so we don't want any more talk. and on a serious note, the people of Uganda are not interested in how many people have been taking to Luzira, they are interested in their money back.''

According to him, the law that allows the court to confiscate properties of officials who are convicted of corruption was passed. ''we want the law working, they should confiscate their properties and we get our money back and President Museveni has evidence. hiding evidence from where it is supposed to be taken should also have been a case because the constitution doesn't allow the president to be taken to court now we are literally asking him to give that evidence to relevant authorities ''. Kikonyogo said.