In Summary
  • Ugandan children refuse to return from Kenya.
  • They refuse in fear of female genital mutilation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is puzzled with a number of Ugandan children that refused to return to Uganda from Kenya where they were trafficked previously.

This comes after about 35 Children  were  repatriated from Kenya among them 34 are females and one male who is a baby, 24  from Karamoja, 5 from Mbale, One from Jinja and  one from Busia.

We have three who are expecting and two of them are due at this month of August,we are talking about children who are returning with children.
Agnes Igoye

She further explains that those trafficked had been promised to be paid 18000Kshs but were only given 3000Kshs . Some of these children were sexually abused and 3 gave birth while 2 were found having pregnancies from unknown fathers.

Igoye added that they are still tracing for the families of some of the children since most of them ran away from their homes due to unfavorable environment and commencement of FMG season.

Agnes Igoye, the Deputy National Coordinator of Trafficking In Persons under the Ministry of Internal Affairs attributes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and family responsibilities of caring for elders as the major factors stopping these children from returning to their homes in Uganda , which activities she condemns and says should stop.