Uganda receives first batch of Afghan Refugees

In Summary
  • Arrival of the Afghan evacuees.
  • The flight was initially arranged for Ugandans.

The Government of Uganda has this morning received 51 evacuees from Afghanistan who arrived aboard a privately chartered flight at Entebbe International Airport.

This follows a request from the US Government and acceptance by Uganda's government to temporarily host the Afghans and other nationals in transit to the USA and other destinations.

The decision to host the Afghans is informed by Uganda's policy of receiving refugees and persons in distress as well as playing a role in matters of International concern. 

All evacuees that include; men, women and children underwent a thorough security screening as well as the COVID19 test and the quarantine procedures.

In a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uganda, the above flight was initially arranged for some Ugandans to travel on but they were unable to make it due to the challenges of accessing the airport in Kabul. Arrangements are underway to ensure they bring them in the subsequent flight.