Nile Breweries Launches Campaign to Reduce Alcohol & Drug Abuse In Schools

In Summary
  • Solution to end alcohol use among student urgently needed
  • 18% Girls in Secondary school engage in alcohol use
  • A campaign to reduce alcohol use among universality students launched
  • Five universities selected to implement the campaign
Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Dr. Leon Matagi, head of school of psychology at Makerere University says multi-sectoral approach towards ending drugs and alcohol use among students in primary, secondary and higher institutions is urgently needed.

According to him, the recent study carried out by Makerere University reveals that consumption of drugs and alcohol among pupils stands at 11%, and in secondary students stands at 50% of which girls contribute 18% and 32% are boys.

Courtesy: Observer
Courtesy: Observer

He noted that among major causes highlighted was peer pressure as students are influenced by their colleagues to take drugs and substances.

The study realized actually that students are aware that taking drugs is bad but somehow are influenced by their counterparts


Dr. Matagi further noted that when students especially at higher institutions of learning engage more in alcohol consumption and taking other drugs they get little time for concentration, the alcohol somehow takes-up part of their minds and they don’t have enough time to read and discuss course work and this has greatly contributed to re-takes among students.  

Dr. Mutagi was speaking during the launch of smart drinking campaign among universities, an initiative by Nile Breweries aims at gathering information from five selected universities to promote a culture of responsible drinking and reduce the harmful use of alcohol among the youth and university students.

According to managing director David Daniel Valencia, Managing director at Nile breweries, the four weeks campaign is also in line of world health organization and United Nations sustainable development goals’ ambition to reduce that harmful use of alcohol by 2025.

‘’ The inter-University smart drinking challenge, is also aimed at influencing social norms and individual behaviors by challenging university students to submit the best ideas to encourage responsible behavior among youth, Valencia added.

Nile breweries has invested shs 200 million in this campaign which will see students compete in written, video, graphics and social media content forms to create winning concept on the theme "Be Smart Drink Smart,Beera Mu Class."

The selected universities include; Makerere University, Mbarara University, Kampala International University, Soroti and Kyambogo University.