Over 200 Studebts want Court to stop the coming 17th Graduation Ceremony.

Kyambogo University Students Petition Court Over missing Names on Graduation list.

In Summary
  • They claim that the they passed their exams and cleared all requirements. 
  • The Graduation Ceremony starts on the 21st of this month.
Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Over 200 Kyambogo University Students whose names are missing on the coming Kyambogo graduation list have petitioned the High Court seeking an injunction against the scheduled 17th Graduation Ceremony slated for the 21st of this month.

Through their lawyer Bwiire Ronald, the students are accusing the university of omitting their names from the published graduation booklet despite having done all their exams and passed and their names pinned on the University notice board.

Lawyer Bwiire says that they want Court to stop the coming Graduation ceremony until, the University sorts out the graduation list so that all students who are eligible for graduation are not left behind.

He adds that the students must be give an opportunity to explain themselves, since evidence shows that they did pass their respective exams and some are due to graduate with first class.

Bwiire is accusing the University of failing to compile a proper graduation list and coming up with an incomplete list due to the university’s failure to do proper administration. "

My Client's future will be affected especially when  it comes to Employement opportunities because they can not seek employment anywhere  if they do not graduate" Lawyer Bwire stated.
Lawyer Bwire.

He adds that the students had brought the matter before the University’s administration, but are now seeking Court intervention since the University declined to intervene.

He wants court to stop or issue an order restraining further arrangements regarding the coming graduation until the University compiles a proper list with all names of students who are eligible to graduate on the 21st of this month included. 

According to Bwiire, the University has been in the media with bad publicity over students missing marks with some people believed to have hacked into their systems and removed marks of some University students and that it is possible that some of his clients could be victims of some of the University’s poor administration.

One of the aggrieved student, Ssensala Reagan Francis who is due to graduate with a bachelors in Chemical Engineering says that they deserve to be on the graduation list since they cleared with all heads of departments and all exam coordinators yet their names are missing on the list. 

The University says the incompetence of the University should not be their problem since they studied and met all the requirements.

They accuse the University Dean of telling them that they will not graduate this year, forcing them to seek court intervention. 

Court is yet to set a hearing date.