Labor Ministry Encourages Youth To acquire Digital skills

In Summary
  • Continuous learning is the solution especially in the area of digital world.
  • The five day program is conducted by Garage 48 and innovation village Uganda.

The ministry of gender labor and social development has encouraged the youth to acquire digital skills if the country is to improve its labor productivity.

 Speaking to the media at the opening of the five days training for young ICT Innovators, the specialist in Green skills at the ministry of labor Enoch Mutambi said that as the world of work changes every profession will need digital skills.

He said the skills required are changing very fast and the skills acquired by the youth at school are no longer relevant by the time they go out of schools.


`` So continuous learning is the solution especially in the area of digital skills.’’ he said

He said government had started the graduate volunteer scheme where they support young people who have finished the university by placing them in both government institutions and private sector to learn on the job for one year.

Mutabi adds that these young people do learn marketing skills as they undertake graduate volunteer scheme.

He however advised the young innovators not to copy and pest but rather copy, modify and pest because it is the way to go.

``What young innovators should learn in order to survive is continuous improvement of the products on the market.’’ Mutambi added

The five day program being conducted by Garage 48 and innovation village Uganda will provide talented youth with skills in digital design, user experience fundamentals, branding and photocopying to empower and prepare them to secure jobs in the technology sector.

According to the lead future lab at the innovation village Uganda Samantha Niyonsaba, the participants will be mentored and given an opportunity to develop solutions and pitch their ideas.


The ideas will be judged based on consistency, originality, socio-economic value, design and the commercialization opportunity.

The training supported by Estonian ministry of foreign affairs development cooperation is part of the African European online hackathon program with the aim of empowering local innovators in digital design and prototyping skills in preparation to enter the technology and start up sector.

A report by the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization on culture and sustainable development in 2020 found that creative industries which include design, stimulate innovation and are critical to attaining the sustainable development agenda.