Experts meet to examine Uganda’s readiness to fully open.

In Summary
  • The children’s right to education is being violated.
Jackie Barlow

Jackie Barlow a concerned parent is challenging fellow Ugandan parents to apologize to their children for staying home and not going to school which is their right.

According to Jackie, Ugandan parents have kept quiet over this matter yet the children’s right to education is being violated in the disguise of preventing them from contracting COVID19.

She further states that its high time government considers the reopening of schools to allow learners get back to school.

Ann Tendo

However, Anne Tendo a lawyer insists that government is using fake laws and policies to violate people’s rights noting that’s it needs to reconsider its moves as it enforces certain COVID-19 regulations.

Eva Mugisa

Doctor Eva Mugisa challenges government on considering the use of other medication already proven to be working in the treatment of COVID-19 than keeping the country in lock down.

Its been two years since the state closed schools across the country and this continues to impact negatively on the future of Ugandan children.

This was said at a meeting where experts have come together to examine Uganda’s readiness to fully open amidst of Covid-19 held today in Kampala.