Ogundele advises learners to practice a high level of Integrity

In Summary
  • Ogundele was the key note speaker at the forum
  • He is the proprietor of Sibiji Motors LTD.
Nigerian businessman Sijibomi Ogundele

Nigerian businessman Sijibomi Ogundele, who is the proprietor of Sibiji Motors LTD, has urged learners to always practice a high level of integrity if they want to achieve excellence in life or in whatever they do.

Ogundele who was the key note speaker at the forum made the remarks while addressing learners at the Victoria University CEOs Platform, which was held at the University's auditorium, under the theme 'Bringing Real-Life Experience To Learners.'

The main objective of the platform was to help learners become more prepared for the future before they graduate and join the job market.

Everyone has to have a big dream, because dreaming big is very crucial and to follow that dream is what leads to success.
Sijibomi Ogundele

He further added that Without integrity , nothing will be achieved. All the successful people have survived on integrity. Passion is also crucial in each and everyone's journey to succeed," he noted.

Speaking at the same forum, the University Vice Chancellor, Dr. Lawrence Muganga, assured learners that Victoria University is building capacity that will see the institution become the leading University in Uganda very soon.

Muganga advised finalists to always ensure that they find something to do to earn some money before they graduate, because that will prepare them better for the future.

Also on the Platform was human rights activist and businessman Frank Gashumba, who advised learners to always keep time in whatever they do.

He further urged them to follow people and stories that inspire and motivate them.