Prosecutors petition parliament over poor pay

In Summary
  • It is a mockery that a prosecutor at whatever rank is given 460,000  shillings as lunch allowance for a whole month.
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Prosecutors have petitioned Parliament decrying the deplorable living conditions, due to poor pay and their poor standards of living which they say is demeaning their status.

The  prosecutors under Uganda Association of Prosecutors (UAP) led  by Batson Baguma, a Chief State Attorney and also President of the  Association made the plea while presenting a petition to the  Speaker Jacob Oulanyah  seeking parliament intervention.

Baguma  told the Speaker that Prosecutors cannot afford the basic necessities of life which exposes them to perilous temptations, embarrassment and lack of respect in society.

He  noted that  many of their colleagues sleep in slums and eat in funny places which expose them to danger from the same criminals they prosecute.

It is mockery that a prosecutor at whatever rank is given 460,000  shillings as lunch allowance for a whole month.'
Batson Baguma, President UAP

They also  lamented about the failure by President Museveni to meet with them or visit them and  interact with people who lock up criminals who seek to destabilize his Government.

The prosecutors also complained about failure to receive promotions,arguing that most of the prosecutors have served in the same position without being promoted  despite the existence of very many unfilled positions in the structure

According to Baguma, the Office of Director of Public Prosecution has 587 vacant positions at various ranks including; 179 principal state attorney, senior state attorney 162, Chief State Attorney 60,principal state prosecutor 74, senior state prosecutor 48 among others.

The prosecutors are now  seeking for  salary enhancement  in the proposed new salary structures, and also  want Director of public prosecution  to be paid 37,184,000, shillings  while his  Deputy should earn  34,384,00 shillings and Principal Assistant Director of public prosecution gets 31,158,400. Shillings.

They also want Senior Assistant DPP,Assistant DPP and Chief State Attorney to be paid at least UGX 28,358,400, UGX 25,558,400 and  UGX 22,258,400 respectively.

They also want government to waive tax on their salaries and other emoluments  in accordance with the terms of the commitment.

Speaker Jacob  Oulanyah has informed the prosecutors that their petition would be forwarded to the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee to look into their concerns  before parliament takes a final decision.