Rise in breast Cancer cases blamed on COVID-19 Lockdown

In Summary
  • More than  75% of patients get to  the hospitals when the disease is late stages  
  • Breast cancer accounts for 7.8 of cancers in Uganda 
  • October was dedicated as the Breast Cancer Awareness month 


Activists advocating for early diagnosis and treatment of  breast cancer   have expressed concern over increasing cases due to late diagnosis fueled by COVID-19 pandemic lock down.

According to the  board  chairperson of Uganda women's cancer  support organization Rebecca Kiziri Mayengo , during lock down ,the  Organization  could not maintain lifesaving services like awareness, timely screening and referrals, travel for diagnosis and treatment, providing counselling and Palliative Care Services among others.

While addressing  the media in Kampala on Tuesday  Kiziri noted that over 75% of patients go to hospital when the disease is in the late stages three or four  because of lack awareness since cancer is not painful in the early stages.

She made the remarks  commemoration of  the October Breast Cancer Awareness month 2021 

Kiziri add that 30% of deaths from cancer are due to behavioral and dietary risks such as low intake of fruits and vegetables ,consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol among others.

Breast Cancer in Uganda is the 3rd commonest type of cancer with 2,639 new cases and 1,366 death in 2020.

It accounts for 7.8% of all cancers in the Country.

Globally, 2.3 million new cases were registered in 2020 with 685,000 death with 7.8 diagnosed in the past 5 years.