Gov't seeking 39 billion shillings to renovate state house .

In Summary
  • State house has not been renovated since its official opening in 2017
  • Some money will be used to buy a new fleet of vehicles
  • State House is also seeking for Shs109.731Bn to mobilize masses towards poverty reduction, peace and development,


Entebbe State House
Entebbe State House
Image: Courtesy photo

Government wants    Parliament to approve 39 billion  shillings for  the renovation  on State House Entebbe and the other up country state  lodges.

The request has been made  by the minister of economic monitoring  Peter Ogwang while  presenting he 2022/2023 National Budget Framework Paper for State House before  the Presidential Affairs Committee of Parliament.

“We all must be aware that State House was constructed in 2007 and from that time up to today, no major renovation has taken place, so these are one of the areas which we feel must be undertaken and the other is to continue renovate and rehabilitate the up country lodges which  the President  uses to carry out meetings in other parts of the country,” Ogwang said.

The repairs will cost 39.358 billion  shillings  but  only 12.338 billion  shillings had been availed in the budget, leaving a funding gap of 27.02 billion  shillings.

Of this money, Shs 12.74 billion will go towards refurbishment of Entebbe State House complex at Shs12.74 billion.

State House also intends to spend Shs13.468 billion shillings on procurement of security equipment.

13.15 billion  shillings will go  towards replacing old fleet   , a  plan that  will see the purchase of 14  brand new vehicles.

However, some MPs were concerned with the duplication of activities in the State House budget after realizing that some of the planned activities had been undertaken in the 2021/2022 as per State House record.

State House also plans to spend 249.039Bn on Logistical support, welfare and security provided to the President, Vice President and their immediate families. 

Additionally, State House is also seeking for Shs109.731Bn to moblise masses towards poverty reduction, peace and development, but only Shs87.221Bn was allocated leaving a funding gap of Shs22.510Bn.