Be humane, Nurses and Midwives urged.

In Summary
  • Governing council tasked with ensuring nurses and Midwives uphold their professional ethics
  • A board of 17 members led by chairperson , Ekong Elizabeth Namukombe took oath.
Chairperson,Ekong Elizabeth Namukombe takes oath
Image: Edwin Muhumuza

The Minister of State for Health in charge of General Duties, Hon. Anifa Kawooya has cautioned nurses and Midwives to uphold their professional ethics.

She made the remarks while officiating at the inauguration of the new Nurses and Midwives Council Governance Board , in Kampala.

Minister of State for Health in charge of General Duties, Hon. Anifa Kawooya
Image: Edwin Muhumuza

“The ethics of nurses have gone low for example absenteeism in health facilities even in service delivery” , she noted.

She added that the first impression a client or patient receives at the facilities goes a long way in ensuring that they recover from any illness.

Cases have emerged of medical personnel demanding for money from patients before they are attended to, a trend, that magnifies how low the standards have come.

Members of the governing council, follow the days proceedings at Silver Springs Hotel,Bugolobi
Image: Edwin Muhumuza

“The council must remind the nurses that before anything they must uphold being humane as a key principle. Then secondly, finances can come later even with the reality that the economy has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Kawooya remarked.

Their inaugural ceremony saw a board of 17 members led by the chairperson of the board, Ekong Elizabeth Namukombe take oath.

Registrar,Christine Nimwesiga takes oath
Image: Edwin Muhumuza

Those that took oath were, Nyamutale Peter, Kalanzi Mark, Nampiima Kakonge, Christine Hellen Akwang, Christine Nimwesiga as registrar.

Others were,Mbabazi Ktalituha Winifred,Nanyonga Florence,Patience Muwanguzi,Nanziri Halima,Mary Gorreti Kigongo,Kamugisha Robert,Birike Jenifer,Agatha Kaala,Amuge Beatrice,Nanyonga Florence and Safinah Kisu Museene.

The mandate of the Nurses and Midwives Council Governance Board is to ensure that the standard of the nurses or the products that come out of nursing schools under the guidance of the council is excellent and competent.