DP's Mao advises politicians not to be hostile

In Summary
  1. Mao says that hostility among politicians won't push the country forward
  2. Mao as well urged the government to support David Ssenfuka's Sugar and Diabetes drug
Courtesy photo
Nobert Mao the DP President Courtesy photo

President Mao has advised politicians to avoid being hostile. The Democratic Party die-hard said Uganda needs leaders who are ready to work towards the development of the country.

Norbert Mao noted that politicians should learn to forgive those who have done the country wrong and peacefully work together with them to improve.

Attacking fellow politicians due to simple misunderstandings puts the country at stake and it’s a layman that ends up suffering because amidst misunderstandings, theirs always poor service delivery.

 Mao also called upon the Moslem community to join DP saying that it’s the only political party that will fight for its freedom. 

He asked the government to continue taking concern about the Sugar and Diabetes drug discovered by the Researcher in herbal medicine David Ssenfuka if the country and the world at large are to benefit from it.

The government should support Ssenfuka in all ways possible because if his drug goes international, the country benefits more.

Courtesy photo
Researcher in herbal medicine David Ssenfuka Courtesy photo

At the same gathering, Ssenfuka urged the public to embrace the culture of always taking medical check-ups and getting early treatment in case they are found with any disease.