Kampala Parents School Twins score 4 aggregates in PLE

In Summary
  • 16 candidates scored 4 aggregates
  • Felista Da superstar"also passed with 13 aggregates
Komuntale Chantelle and Kemitale Chanelle, and mother at Kampala parents school

Janet Mutesi a mother of twins who sat their Primary Leaving Exams went crazy on realizing that both passed with flying colors.

On 27th January 2023 the Ministry of Education and Sports released the 2022 PLE , Kampala Parents Primary School is one of the schools that performed well with 16  candidates scoring  4 aggregates.

I’m A pair of twins by names of Komuntale Chantelle and Kemitale Chanelle was among the 16  who scored 4 aggregates, this didn't leave them the same as they were overwhelmed with happiness.

Mutesi their mother was  excited to the extent of shading tears of joy,she said that this is one of the best things God has done for her this year.

Komuntale who was all overwhelmed with joy stated that one of the reasons she excelled, its  because of her teachers who taught her, the revision she made among other factors.

Her twin sister Kemintale sighted that consistency and her parent's support really made her to achieve this success .

Ahumuza Jeremiah who also scored 4 aggregates noted  that her primary journey was good one though it hard some little challenges such as COVID-19 that made him study one class for a long time.

He added that getting 4 aggregates wasn't a surprise as he expected it ,he explained that his teacher’s efforts were an indication that he would perform that better.

The  young artist Nanyanzi Faith commonly known as "Felista Da superstar"also passed with 13 aggregates.

According to her this was a very big milestone that came due to a lot of sacrifices such as balancing her singing career with studies,her father's support to mention but a few.

Young artist Nanyanzi Faith commonly known as "Felista Da superstar"also passed with 13

Felister who wants to be a Politician said that she is ready to join secondary school as she takes on her singing career.

She went ahead and applauded Rupaleria Group for giving her financial support which has helped her  to complete primary level.

On her part, Kampala Parents School Principal Daphine Kato commended parents for working closely with the school to ensure that candidates.

She also credited Ruapaleria Group the founder of the school for availing all support and requirement  for pupils to pass.

She went ahead to challenge  coming candidates and other learners  in lower classes to read more as education plays a big role in determining the future of any learner.

Kampala parents has  410 pupils who sat for PLE and majority of them have passed in Division 1.

Agg 5 =32, Agg 6= 41, Agg 7=43, Agg 8 = 42, Agg 9 = 37, Agg 10 = 31, Agg 11 = 33, Agg 12= 16 thus making a total of 291 maintaining the school’s record of being one of the best-performing primary schools in the country.