Nurse arrested for raping patients

In Summary
  • Police in Entebbe has arrested an intern Nurse for alleged rape.
The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson.
Luke Oweyisigire The Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson.
Image: Segawa Robert

An intern nurse working at Entebbe Grade B Hospital is behind bars for allegedly raping patients who come to seek services.

According to police Kutesa Denis was arrested after two female patients reported to Entebbe police after allegedly being raped by the nurse.

Luke Oweyisigire the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson revealed that Kutesa identified his victims from the gynecology ward where he would go for pregnant women who go for antenatal care that he would take to a private room , drug them with a substance suspected to be Chloroform and then rape them.

He says that a search at the nurse’s room saw police recover suspected chloroform substances and a letter was found where he requested that his immoral thoughts be prayed for by a city pastor. Owoyesigyire says that the security guard suspects the victims to be more since many women have always been sighted coming out of the room that Kutesa used to take his victims.

Meanwhile Luke Oweyisigire asked men with pregnant to always escort their wife while going for antenatal care to hospital in order to avoid such incidents.