Police Inspector Accused of Aggravated Defilement

In Summary

1. Inspector of Police Thomas Otim accused of defilement.
2. Re-arrested after bail, victim on Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

Image: Courtesy Photo

Inspector of Police (IP) Thomas Otim, the head of the West Nile Region Professional Standards Unit, spent the night in the cells at Arua CPS accused of aggravated defilement. Otim was picked up on Tuesday and is awaiting guidance from the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP).

According to information from the police, the 49-year-old suspect allegedly defiled a one- and nine-month-old girl, who is the neighbor and daughter of a police surgeon stationed at Arua Central Police Barracks. The incident allegedly occurred on October 9, 2023, in the police barracks.

It is alleged that Otim, who resides near the victim's family, lured the girl to his house after calling her when she was with her mother, Rachel Nsiima. The mother explained that Otim called the girl twice before physically taking her to his house. Subsequently, they heard the girl scream, prompting her elder brother to intervene.

The suspect initially refused to return the girl, taking her to a nearby kiosk where he purchased drinks for her before letting her go back. She, however, explains that upon returning home, the minor began crying and indicated that "Uncle" Otim had harmed her.

This prompted Nsiima to examine her daughter, revealing injuries in her private area. She reported the incident to the police, resulting in the opening of a General Inquiry File (GEF: No. 86/2023). Subsequent medical examinations confirmed penetration and injuries to the girl's private parts.

Otim was initially granted bail, considering his position as the head of the West Nile PSU. However, he was re-arrested Tuesday following a directive from the Police headquarters. Due to the suspect's status, the victim has been placed on Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). Josephine Angucia, the Police Spokesperson for West Nile, confirmed the incident and Otim's arrest today.