U.S. Ambassador To Uganda Tours The Eastern Region

In Summary
  • US Ambassador William Popp tours Eastern Uganda, including visits to Busitema University and Mt Elgon Agroforestry Cooperative.
  • Engages with university faculty and students, discusses cooperation benefits and future enhancements.
  • Visits cooperative supported by USAID, focuses on business advisory and sustainable production.
  • Concludes tour in Jinja City, meets alumni, encourages networking and community support initiatives.
His Excellency The U.S. Ambassador To Uganda William W. Popp on his maiden visit to the Eastern region o Uganda
Image: Bright Baba

The U.S. Ambassador to Uganda, William W. Popp has visited U.S. gov't supported activities in Eastern Uganda, mainly in the districts of Mbale, Kapchorwa and Jinja.

His first stop was at Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences, Mbale City where Peace Corps do support the nursing students and the university leadership in Capacity building and mentorship programmes among others.

Here he meets with the faculty leadership for an engagement session before having another interactive one with the students who share with him the benefits of the cooperation as well as their desire for what more can be done to strengthen the same.


Later in the day he visited Mt Elgon Agroforestry communities Cooperative Enterprise in Mbale City.

Established in 2017, the enterprise is a group of over 3000 members. Through USAID funded business advisory support and improved production management systems the cooperative has managed to acquire Fair Trade Certification Systems and Organic Certification.

He wrapped up his first day with an Alumni Reception.

This was mainly for networking and those with businesses had the opportunity to show case their products and samples.

Pleased with their works, the Ambassador encouraged them to stay connected and support each other.


Day 2 of his tour, the Ambassador heads out to the mountainous areas of Kapchorwa district far East of the country.

Masha Coffee Company, founded in 2016 with about 1,000 is yet another agricultural business entity that partners with USAID to improve incomes, reduce poverty and increase food security.

Here the Ambassador is impressed by the adaptation of sustainable coffee farming practices aimed at protecting the environment.

The Ambassador having testing some coffee
The Ambassador having testing some coffee
Image: Bright Baba

 He also enjoyed a Coffee testing session.

Ambassador Popp then wraps up his tour in Jinja City where he meets with another group of Alumni. He thanks them for their works aimed at supporting the various communities and to keep networking.

He wrapped his Eastern Region maiden visit with a stop in Jinja to meet more Alumni.
He wrapped his Eastern Region maiden visit with a stop in Jinja to meet more Alumni.
Image: Bright Baba