Tragic Death of Infant Sparks Negligence Charges

In Summary
  • Neighbor bathes 10-day-old, tragedy unfolds.
  • Baby scalded, mother intervenes, but too late.
  • Neighbor faces charges; police urge vigilance, support for families.
Police spokes person Fred Enanga
Police spokes person Fred Enanga
Image: Robert Ssegawa

Aswa west regional police is investigating the case of causing death of 10 days baby girl by neighbor.

The terrible incident happened at Patudar ward, Lacor center in Gulu city , Gulu district.It's alleged that the neighbor identified as Aketo Wanga Catherine was entrusted to bath 10 day baby girl identified as Laguni favour faith, a daughter to Atimang Winfred.It's alleged that the mother of the deceased was busy doing kitchen work, when the suspect a tenant and neighbor asked her to help and bath the minor.

According to Fred Enanga the police spokesperson says that the suspect ought to have checked the hotness of water whether it's diluted to warmth or not.

He further adds that after putting the minor in the basin containing hot water it cried on top of her voice, that's when the mother come in to see what was happening the baby collapsed and died due to the severe injuries from the hot water." He says that although the act of Aketo Wanga Catherine 21 was not intentional, she's to be charged for negligence, under the neglect act according to the constitution" says Enanga.

He appealed to all mothers guardians and other care takers to be careful when it comes to children where some inflict torture, murder and other violations against children when they transfer anger against them, mainly in poor families due to drug addicts, financial problems drunkards among others.

He calls upon parents and guardians who have family related issues to seek help from the child and family protection unit of the police and other children activists.