I cannot leave NUP - Mpuuga

In Summary
  • Mpuuga vows not to leave NUP
  • He urges party members to stop slandering him


Hon. Mathias Mpuuga
Image: Net Photo

Former leader of the opposition, legislator Mathias Mpuuga has cautioned National Unity platform members against slandering and defaming him. While speaking to the media at Parliament on Tuesday, the unapologetic Mpuuga gave his perspective on the ongoing discord within the Party.  “Whoever thought that they are hounding me out of NUP, I am here to assure them that whichever indiscipline, mismanagement, mischievous maneuvers, we are going to be in. If you are a leader, a foot soldier with bought data to abuse and insult, you’ll insult me from within. And I am here for keeps” he stated

The recent accusations against Mpuuga alleging that he allocated himself a gratuity of UGX 500M under the observation of the speaker Anite Among triggered the current ongoing scrutiny surrounding his conduct.

Mpuuga deliberately decided not to respond directly to the letter on social media emphasizing his stance of innocence both legally and logically. By asserting that the legal position has been clarified, he indicates that his actions were within the confines of the law.

He also stressed the importance of mature conflict resolution within the party. Mpuuga emphasized the need to prioritize constructive dialogue over political posturing or damage to comrades. This he thinks will maintain unity and effectively lead the country to positive change.

I wish to also reassure all comrades in the struggle for fair Uganda that, my commitment has never waned.
Mathias Mpuuga

Mpuuga’s remarks suggested skepticism regarding the true intentions behind the recent events. He pointed out the potential negative impact of such acts and he explained that they cast so much doubt within Ugandans on NUP’s ability to handle bigger tasks of liberation and effecting solutions to our political and social challenges as a country.

He reminded his Party members that they seemed clueless about the latest developments in the country where General Museveni has been candid on his dynasty agenda that saw his son ascend at the helm of the country’s military.He wondered if they had not seen the renewal of the term of the same Electoral commission commissioner who he says bungled and fidgeted with the last election.

He outlined his vision for the future of the National Unity platform emphasizing a planned reform process aimed at eradicating arbitrary practices and fostering a culture of accountability and internal democracy.