Animal statues to ignite conservation dialogue

In Summary
  • The sculptures are intended to stir the conservation conversation
  • They are also intended to give a sneak peek to tourists coming into the country on what they should expect.
Courtesy photo
Some of the sculptures that have been put up along Entebbe road. Courtesy photo
Image: Courtesy photo

Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre-UWEC has partnered with Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project - Additional Financing ( CEDP-AF) to roll out a Project that will erect sculptures of Uganda’s diverse wildlife in Entebbe. These will beautify Entebbe town and also raise awareness about the country’s rich biodiversity.

The sculptures are educational tools for visitors and youngsters who visit the town to learn about their importance in the ecosystem. They aim at stirring the public into conservation conversation.

According to the Public Relations Officer of UWEC, Eric Ntalo, the over fifteen life-size statues, which are being crafted meticulously and perched upon pedestals will be scattered throughout Entebbe by the end of March 2024.


The program focuses on popular species, endangered species, and those that have been revealed to be important for conservation efforts. This approach allows for a balance between public interest, ecological significance, and conservation priorities.

This, Mr.Ntalo adds will serve as a tangible reminder of Uganda’s ecological richness and UWEC’s ongoing conservation efforts aimed at preserving biodiversity. UWEC continues to stamp its function to serve Uganda both as a conservation education center and as a recreation center.

Ntalo explains that UWEC involved Entebbe Municipal Council in selecting spots to place the life-size animal sculptures.

Local authorities were involved in decision-making to ensure that placement decisions aligned with community needs, urban planning considerations, and conservation goals.

“We acknowledged societal concerns as we chose which animals to display. For example one of the animals we had chosen was the snake, but we respect the societal beliefs that it cannot be positioned at the country’s gateway,” adds Ntalo

The animals that will be lined on the way from the airport include, Uganda’s big five namely Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, and the Crested crane was also added due to its national significance, Giraffe, and Shoebill among other animals.

Ntalo also highlights prioritizing animals in conservation efforts as they require more attention and protection due to their vulnerability or specific ecological roles.


He however acknowledges that it is crucial to recognize that both flora and fauna play critical roles in the ecosystems, though animals are being displayed, the conservation efforts should be geared towards both animals and plants.