Movit extends support to Muslim fraternity

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  • Muslim fraternity given food items
Donation at Kibuli mosque
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Holly Month of Ramadan: In a heartfelt demonstration of their commitment to community welfare, Movit Company has extended a helping hand to both Muslim communities at old Kampala-Gadafi mosque and Kibuli mosque through its annual Ramadan food package program.

The donation Worth 50 million Uganda shillings comprised of substantial quantity of food items and body care products.

While handing over the donation, Kitenda Robert Ggobi, Head of Marketing and corporate affairs at Movit noted that this initiative, which has become a cornerstone of Movit's corporate social responsibility efforts, aims to enhance the lives of individuals within the communities it serves.

As part of the Ramadan program, Movit Products also distributed calendars designed to assist Muslims in scheduling their prayers and breaking their fasts.

"This year's Ramathan donation, valued at over 50 million shillings, has touched the lives of hundreds of families, providing them with essential supplies during a time of spiritual reflection and communal unity" said Kitandwe.

Donation at Gaddafi Mosque
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The generous contributions were gratefully received by religious leaders representing prominent mosques in the region. Sheikh Ssali Imran, in charge of Religious Affairs, accepted the donation on behalf of the Gaddafi Mosque, while Sheikh Mutyaba Abdulsalamu, Executive Imam, received the donation on behalf of Kibuli Grand Mosque.

Both Sheikhs expressed their profound appreciation for the donation.

They lauded the company's continued efforts in uplifting and supporting vulnerable populations, noting that Movit's actions exemplify the true spirit of compassion and solidarity.

Both leaders further highlighted the importance of donating to Muslim fraternity in the holly month of Ramadan especially to the vulnerable categories.

Through initiatives like the annual Ramadan food package program, Movit Products exemplifies the transformative power of corporate philanthropy, inspiring hope and fostering goodwill within the communities  it serves.