Police Investigate Penis Found in city restaurant food

In Summary
  • Kampala police await pathology reports on genital part in food.
  • Customer complaint triggers investigation.
  • Suspects released on bond; investigation ongoing.
Image: Courtesy Photo

In a disturbing incident in Kampala, local police are awaiting examination reports from pathologists regarding a suspected genital part found in food served at a nearby vendor. The incident unfolded after Bwemage Ronald lodged a complaint last Friday, alleging that a local food vendor, Namugerwa Mariam, had served him a meal containing the disturbing discovery. Mariam and her waitress, Nakawoja Josephine, were promptly arrested and detained at Central Police Station in Kampala.

According to reports, Ronald had ordered a typical lunch of rice, matooke, and meat from Mariam's stall at the E-Tower Arcade along Buganda Road. To his shock, he found what appeared to be a male genital organ in the dish. Luke Oweyisigire, the deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, emphasized the necessity of expert examination, stating, "As police, we cannot rely solely on our observations to determine whether the object is indeed a human body part."

Despite the severity of the allegations, both suspects have been released by the Uganda Police Force after providing substantial sureties to stand for their bond. Meanwhile, police have handed over the exhibit to government analytical laboratories and pathologists for thorough examination. The incident has left the community deeply disturbed, highlighting the importance of stringent food safety measures and vigilant oversight within local food establishments.