Roll out of Digital Number Plates to starts in November.

In Summary
  • The project was halted to sensetize the public and relevance of the service towards road safety and security. 
  • A facility has been set up in Uganda to produce registration plates .
  • The project will ease recognition of vehicles used by criminals to carry out crimes in the Country. 
Security Minister Jim Muhwezi adressing the press.
Image: Media center

Government is set to roll out Mass Distribution of Digital Number Plates in November this year according to security Minister Jim Muhwezi. 

Releasing a joint statement by Ministry of security and works and transport at Government media center Muhwezi said  that the new  number plates of motorcycles will be issued  effective 1st  November this year and the full roll-out of all categories of vehicles and motorcycles will commence on January 6, 2025.

He further noted that government had set up a facility at Kawempe for the local production of registration plates and has installed four hot stamping machines, four embossment machines, and will soon receive blank plates and hot stamping materials with security features.

Government of Uganda partnered with Joint Stock Company “Global Security”, to deliver the Intelligent Transport Monitoring System (ITMS), with the objectives of easy recognition of vehicles used by criminals to carry out crimes in the Country to enable quick and timely response by the Security Agencies.

The project is also aimed at managing Traffic and Enhance revenue collection through the issuance of traffic tickets to traffic offenders . 

The new registration plates depart from the ones being issued currently and they bear the under listed components; including Two aluminium Registration plates for the front and the back ,A Tracker, A Sim-chipTwo Blue tooth beacons for both front and backSnap locks for both front and back.

 It has been 2 years and 10 months since an agreement was signed between the Government and Joint Stock Global Security Company to deliver the project.

However, Muhwezi said the project has been slowed by logistical challenges on the part of the service providers, partly caused by the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. 

Government halted the roll out of the digital number plates which was  supposed to start on 1st July 2023 in order to prepare and sensitize the public about the importance and relevance of the service towards  road safety and security.

This was after Kampala City Traders Association, KACITA   blamed government for  rushing the  implementation of the project.