Beti Kamya, Tinkasimire, Sekandi pick nomination forms

By Deo Wasswa

The vice President Kiwanuka Sekandi is among many politicians who have appeared at Kyadondo plot 13 to pick nomination forms as the NRM party elections draw closer.

While picking the forms Kiwanuka Sekandi has noted that he is still strong with experience that's why he can't give a chance for young people to take over Bukoto central.

Tinkasimire Barnabas, the Buyaga West legislator was also among the people who picked nomination forms, speaking to the press, he noted that people power is just a political club where they meet and discuss political issues and they go back home.

He says being people power coordinator in His constituency can't block him from standing in his party, NRM.

Minister for Kampala, Betty Kamya Namisango also picked nomination forms to stand for Rubaga North.