Day 2: Kadaga swears in, seeks 3rd term as speaker

By Alice Lubwama

67 Members of Parliament have been sworn in this morning during the second day of the ceremony and among them, is the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga also Kamuli woman MP.

After taking oath, Kadaga said that she was planning to submit her documents to the NRM electoral commission to express interest for the office of the speaker seeking her third term in office.

Kadaga also said that if elected the speaker of the 11th parliament she will make sure that the construction of the new chamber is completed to ensure all members of parliament can comfortably carry out their duties.

The Central Executive committee of the NRM party on Monday directed all members of the NRM party who are interested in contesting for the post of the speaker and deputy speaker to take their documents to the party’s electoral commission.

Buyanja county and also minister for finance Matia Kasaija was also sworn in today.

Kasaija advised Ugandans to take advantage of government programs to fight poverty rather than continue involving themselves in the system of hand to mouth.

He said in the coming term, the Government will ensure people engage in economic activities that will bring in money in order to reduce poverty;

"He said that when people are poor there easily manipulated, they cannot look after themselves well and eventually they will die early." Kasaija said.

Tororo north MP Geoffrey Ekanya said their commitment as opposition will be to design a new frame work to move the country forward , he said the method they have been using in the past seem not to have delivered them.

"We have to design a strategy that will promote east African integration, and transition similar to what the people of Tanzania and Kenya did negotiating with President Nyerere out of power, if don’t do that , we hate what happened in Libya, Congo , Somalia and other countries." he said

Ekanya said they will need to reach out to the NRM so that they know that they are time is up and they guarantee them peace and stability beyond president Museveni.