Islamic Theological Examination Board Releases 2020 Results.

In Summary
  • The board released both O and A level results.
  • Its time that Muslim children are prepared at early stages.

The Uganda Muslim Supreme Council - UMSC based Islamic Theological Examination Board has released the results for both Idaad (0 level) and Thanawi (A level ) for the 2020 academic year. 

Speaking on behalf of the Mufti during the release of results at the UMSC Headquarters in Old Kampala, His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa the 2nd Deputy Mufti, thanked the Idaad & Thanawi Examination Board for the tremendous progress so far registered compared to the past decades where each School set its own   examinations.

The Muslim Community needs to scale up consultative efforts in empowering only one Examination Board for the better management of the Islamic Theological  exams.
Sheikh Waiswa

 In the same speech Sheikh Waiswa urged Muslims to offer support including technical advise to the UMSC Education Department to enable it establish other Units such as Inspectorate of Schools.


“There is urgent need of Periodical review of the Islamic Curriculum after every 5 years for the purpose of developing relevant content for learners,” he said. 

Adding that “it is high time that Muslim children are prepared at early stages for various areas of specializations. For instance future Islamic theologians  and the rest need to have different Islamic Content in simpler formats.”. 

 He also noted the importance of  popularizing Vocational studies, saying it will be helpful in instilling life skills into Muslim youths as another avenue of stabilizing the Muslim Community. 

Sheikh Waiswa used the same occasion to thank the Heads of various schools, parents and students for enduring the hindrances under the prevailing Covid-19 situation in the country.  

Earlier on Sheikh Bakhit Juma Cucu the UMSC Hon. Secretary For Education informed the gathering that there is high demand for Imams and magistrates for the anticipated operationalization of Kadhi Courts and other Muslim leadership positions in the country.


He said there is need to encourage the outgoing candidates  to purse Islamic Studies at a higher level. 

According to Analysis Report read by Dr. Ziyad Swaleh Lubanga, the results were as follows;  

  •  For Idaad level-  954 Students registered,  948 sat. Ibn Khamisi Islamic School in Wakiso, Namungona Salaf SS in Kampala and Madina Islamic SSS in Wakiso emerged top of the 59 registered schools.  
  • Thanawi level- 397 Students registered from 30 Schools. Ibn Khamisi Islamic SSS and Madina Islamic SSS still led the group.