The MPs are charged with the Bijambiya Murders in Masaka Districts.

Ssegirinya, Sewanyana bail hearing set for 20th

In Summary
  • Police say they planned the alleged murders. 
  • They deny the said allegations. 
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The Masaka High  Court has set the 20th of this month to hear the bail applications of Kawempe North Mp Muhammad Ssegirinya and Makindye West MP Allan Sewanyana who are facing murder charges.

The two legislators returned before Masaka Court  chief Magistrate Charles Yeteise for further mention of their murder case.

On the 8th of September, the two were remanded to Kigo government prison after being charged with three counts of Murder and one account of attempted murder in Masaka district. 

They were barred from entering any plea since they are charged with capital offences that are triable and bailable by the high court.The Members  of Parliament  were charged with four others including Sserwada Mike, Muwonge Jude,Wamala Bulo, Mugerwa John.

Prosecution states that the group on the 23rd of August at Ssenya Village,in the Masaka City,with malice aforethought killed Kiyimba Tadeo and attempted to murder Ssebyoto Ronald on the same day at Ssettaala Village.

 They were arrested at Masaka police station were they had gone for the second day to make police statements on the famous 'bijambiya' killings in Masaka district. 

Police says some of the suspects arrested, implicated the two MPs of having hired them to carry out the killings, allegedly promising them large sums of money.

However, the MPs told journalists that the said allegations are politically motivated by their enemies, denying the said murder allegations. 


The group is said to have planned the alleged murders at Happy boys, Kalenda, and  Kayanja Estate House in Kampala.

 They are also said to have participated in the murder of Slaiman Kakooza, Michael Kiza Nswa on August 23rd 2021,at Ssetela Village, Kimanya,Kabonera divison .