His political Rival and NRMs Ojara had asked Court to nullify his victory.

Court confirms Kilak North MP's Victory.

In Summary
  • He accused him of voter bribery among other irregularities. 
  • Court ruled that the court lacked substance.
Image: Courtesy photo

The Gulu High Court has dismissed an Election Petition challenging the Election of FDC's  Anthony Akol as the validly Elected Member of Parliament for Kilak North County in America district. 

NRMs Christopher Ojera had challenged Akol's Election on grounds of Electoral Mal practices including voter bribery, among others that he claimed had been committed by Akol.

In a rulling red by the deouty chief registrar, Nasur Hussein, Court dismissed the said petition and confirmed Akol as the validly elected MP.

The Court further ordered Ojera to pay costs to Akol, but Ojera has vowed to appeal the said ruling.

Akol scored 6,534 votes,  while Ojera pulled 6366 coming in second out of the 8 candidates.

Akol welcomed the rulling stating that justice was served since he never committed any irregularities.