Col. Edith Nakalema Emphasizes integrity as URA graduates 262

In Summary
  • Col. Edith Nakalema to URA staff supervisors; be accountable to the people you serve.

Col Edith Nakalema the head of the anti corruption unit at state house has appealed to leaders  to have a culture of accountability to members of the public that they serve.

Col Edith Nakalema, the head of the anti corruption unit at state house was addressing  URA staff supervisors that have been under going leadership  training .

Nakalema singled out  significant economic recovery, political stability and progressive public sector reforms since the National resistance Movement took over Government in 1986.

Her strong remarks came ahead of  the official pass out of 262 Uganda Revenue Authority staff who have been undergoing skills development in various disciplines of leadership at the National Leadership institute Kyankwanzi.

Flanked by URA commissioner General John Musinguzi Rujoki, Col Edith Nakalema  is appealing to Uganda Revenue Authority staff to maintain the core values of public service; these comprise key leadership  principals  that are a driving force in effective service delivery.They include; integrity, accountability and transparency.

Nakalema maintains that if such core values are upheld,Uganda will have a positive impact against corruption in public offices and promotion of good conduct,hence the country’s national development.