Parliament to increase the Judiciary budget.

In Summary
  • The late justice Aracha was an icon of the Judiciary. 
  • She was patriotic and sacrificed to raise to the ranks.
  • Mps asked other judicial officers to emulate the late. 
Image: Parliament of Uganda

MPs have agreed to increase the budget for the Judiciary in the memory of late justice Stella Aracha Amoko. Sheema South MP Elijah Mushemeza moved the motion to increase the budget ,saying that was the gift they would give to the late to maintain her legacy.

The MPs  described the late lady  justice Stella  Aracha Among as some one who had integrity, patriotic and sacrificed a lot to raise through the ranks to the level of supreme court judge.

During a special sitting to pay tribute to the late Bugweri County mp Abdul katuntu  said that all the judgments  she  made  had justice in them and all lawyers appeared before the late were comfortable with her because she respected their urguments even if she did not agree with them. 

The speaker Anita Among said that Uganda has lost a distinguished and exemplary judge who was approachable.

“At times you would not believe that she was a judge. She was welcoming and ready to give advice. It is so disheartening that we have lost such a person,” Among said.

She added that Justice Arach-Amoko was an icon, dedicated, professional and a selfless public servant.

The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja who moved a motion to pay tribute to Justice Arach-Amoko described her as an extraordinary jurist who was instrumental in mainstreaming alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the Judiciary.

The  Opposition Whip John Baptist Nambeshe said that Arach-Amoko believed in fairness, accountability, transparency and constitutionalism.

“This is illustrated more specially in the Supreme Court's decision that salvaged our honourable colleague’s election in 2015. Lady Justice Arach-Amoko was on the bench when the Supreme Court held that 'a Member of Parliament cannot lose their seat in the House upon expulsion from their political party' in the infamous case of the 'rebel MPs,” Nambeshe said.

The leader of independents  in parliament also Butembe County mp David living stone Zijjan   said that Arach-Amoko was an independent judicial officer who was incorruptible.

The body of the late judge laid in state at parliament last night.