China Leads in Humanitarian assistance to Palestinians

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Image: Net Photo

To alleviate the severe humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, the Chinese government continues to assist Palestine reflecting the responsibility of a major country and humanitarian spirit.

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict last year, China has extended a helping hand, providing emergency humanitarian supplies such as food and medicine to the Gaza Strip through Egypt. Recently two batches of Chinese government aid to Gaza arrived in Egypt. Eight (8 )trucks of supplies, including canned goods, biscuits, milk, and drinking water, among others will soon be delivered to Arish and will be shipped to Gaza through the Rafah Port. Zhao Liang, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, applauded the active assistance of the Egyptian Red Crescent Society.

“Since the outbreak of the current round of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China has actively played a responsible major country role, and has provided a batch of cash aid and two batches of emergency humanitarian supplies such as food, medicine, and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip through Egypt,” said Minister Counselor Zhao.

He noted that during this process, the Chinese Embassy in Egypt has actively coordinated with various departments of the Egyptian government, the Egyptian Red Crescent Society, and other institutions to ensure that Chinese humanitarian aid materials are delivered to the people of Gaza in a timely and safe manner.

In November last year, the Chinese government provided 40 vehicles of emergency humanitarian supplies to the Gaza Strip, while on March  27th 2024, 450 tons of rice from China arrived at Port Said in Egypt. Previously, China has provided 100 million yuan in emergency humanitarian aid funds to Gaza. Another  500 million yuan in aid funds, had been extended to Palestine to help  Gaza refugees overcome the difficulties.

Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt Diyab said they highly appreciate China's unwavering support for the just cause of the Palestinian people and its commitment to justice. The people of Gaza are experiencing a humanitarian disaster, and the friendly Chinese government and people are providing emergency humanitarian aid to Gaza at this critical moment.