NRM aspirants complain about postponing of party primaries

By Daudi Zirimala

The NRM parliamentary and LCV aspirants in seven new created districts are not happy with the lengthy party primaries which were postponed by the party after nomination of of candidates in the districts.

The districts include; Nabilatuk, Kapelebyong, Bugweri, Kwania, Kassanda and Kikuube.

According to Kapelebyong LCV Akorikin Francis the postponement has created a lot of confusion in the NRM electorate and at worst; there is fear that it’s going to give opposition elements an advantage in the final campaigns.

“We have come to Kampala to raise our voices to the party’s electoral commission that we shall not continue campaigning with out a clear road because the NRM candidates have spent a lot of money as a result of this recklessness”,says Akorikin Francis.

The NRM national Electoral commission nominated candidates to contest for position of party flag bearers for woman member of parliament and district LCV chairperson in July with elections to take place in August 2018, however as the campaigns started,the party electoral commission postponed elections to 14th August 2018,unfortunately as the polling date was approaching as scheduled,the party EC once more postponed the election until further notice.

However, the the NRM electoral commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi has assured the candidates that spoon the commission will secure funds to continue with the primaries as it was stated earlier in July.

“Those new districts we are going to have elections we are just waiting for funds because NRM party does not use government money we use our own funds but I hope next week we shall clarify on this”, says Tanga Odoi