NRM denies defacing opposition candidates’ posters in Gulu

By Sania Babirye

The National Resistance Movement has denied defacing campaign posters of FDC party presidential candidate and other FDC candidates in Gulu. President Museveni who is also the NRM presidential flag bearer is campaigning in Gulu district today.

By today morning, all posters of Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi, Betty Awor Ohan and those of Patrick Ola Lumumba among others that were on different streets in Gulu including main street, coronation road and Market street were removed while others had been covered by President Museveni’s posters.

FDC now accuses NRM leaders in the district of being behind the said incident, however, NRM says this is just a campaign strategy by FDCs to win sympathy votes from the public.

Samuel Oyoti in charge of news says they can not participate in such an illegality since its unlawful to deface any campaign poster.

He says this is just propaganda by FDC to de campaign president Museveni by tearing their own posters.