Ntagali calls upon Christians to fundraise funds for UCU

The Chancellor of Uganda Christian university , also the Arch Bishop of church of Uganda, the most Rev Stanley Ntagali has called all churches in province of church of Uganda to always participate in activities that intend to support the development of Uganda Christian University.

He made the call during the 19th graduation ceremony of the university where 1000 students graduated in different courses.

According to him, there is no university in the whole world that survives and thrives just on student’s tuition. Universities need additional funding to survive that why the foreign universities establish endowment for this purpose.

‘’This is the reason for the commencement the mobilization by the church of Uganda to support the university on the UCU Sunday and I would like to thank all clergies, christians and bishops that supported and participated in this initiative took place in September this year, he said.

In addition, the national council for higher education has reminded universities time and again that they must find the other alternative sources of income to bridge the gap between tuition fees and unit cost of higher education.

Ntagali has urged the grandaunds to go out and be different and work differently.

He cautions them that as they are in the field, they should remember that the alumni of this university have established her reputation. Saying that this can only be maintained by not leaving out what UCU has been telling them and this is walking with Jesus.